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Fly magazine February 1997

Another Level For BLACKstreet

they are black, they are stronger, and they are more vibrant than ever! Levi Little and Dave Hollister have left, but BLACKstreet still is a strong group. Erick Williams and Mark Middleton prove that they can take this popular group’s muic to the next plateau. "BLACKstreet is still together because Chauncey is Black and I’m the street, so we always made BLACKstreet’s long-term vision priority," Teddy Riley explains. "Levi and Dave’s departure was a setback, but I’ve been down defore. So when Mark and Eric came, we realzied that this change was really a blessing in disguise." "Our sound is tighter, stronger, more diverse now," states Chauncey. "Since Eric and Mark both sing lead and have incredible harmony, Teddy and I have more vocal support than ever. No matter how you slice it, it’s a winning situation."
Now, BLACKstreet is ready to top their self-titled, million-selling debut LP with their sophomore album, Another Level. "This album reflects where BLACKstreet has been, where we are, and where we’re going," Teddy affirms. This statement comes from the man who was the catalyst of the 80s R&B/hip-hop hybrid ‘New Jack Swing’ music style. "We worked hard to give the album depth, substance, and maximum BLACKstreet flavor," they agree. Let’s take a quick peep at what BLACKstreet has to say about Another Level.

FLY: Why did you choose The Beatles "Can’t buy me Love"?

Teddy: We had gone through so many things and changes that proved that money can’t buy love. We bought most of our friends. We have to give and get it from our heart. We don’t need any more plastic love. This song is from the heart, but not because it was a Beatles’ tune. The other guys in our opinion were there for the money. Now, we have two new guys who are here - and their songs come from the heart. So far, they have shown, time and time again, where their hearts really are.

FLY: Have there been any rainy days for BLACKstreet?

Teddy: Yes, there have been bad days and rainy days. No one came around to interview us or ask how we survived then. Your true friends are there when you are down - to help, suport, and love you - no matter what.