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New BLACKstreet album!!
This is what I read on billboard online! Pretty good news, right? Hope it's true!

Meanwhile, the original line-up of Blackstreet is teaming up for a reunion album, according to group member Dave Hollister. Slated for release next year, the Interscope project will bring together founders Hollister, Chauncey Hannibal, Levi Little, and Teddy Riley.

Released in 1999, the act's latest album, "Finally," featured Terrell Phillips, Eric Williams, Hannibal, and Riley and peaked at No. 4 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

read the article at billboard online

For those who don't know yet (cuz I'm darn late with those "news") the lawsuit between Teddy & Chauncey seems to be settled. This is what MTV News wrote:

Blackstreet's Hannibal, Riley Settle Legal Disputes

After announcing that he had filed a $2 million lawsuit against Blackstreet founder and bandmate Teddy Riley, the group's Chauncey Hannibal has issued a statement divulging that he has never taken any legal action against Riley. "Obviously, there have been creative and artistic differences that have arisen between myself and Mr. Riley," reads the statement, which was sent to MTV News by Riley. "I feel it is necessary to make this statement in order to express my regret for the false statements which were made about Teddy, by the media and others. Please understand that I am not, nor have I ever taken legal action against Teddy Riley or his agents or assigns. Additionally, I am not seeking two million dollars from Teddy Riley or his record label LOR Records." In May, Hannibal told MTV News that he had filed a $2 million lawsuit charging Riley with misappropriation of funds (see "UPDATE: Blackstreet's Chauncey Disses Riley, Sisqo On Wax").
The statement, dated June 22, also notes that Riley had developed the concept of Blackstreet in 1993 and that Riley had given Hannibal the opportunity to develop his artistic talents, which then led to a successful musical career.
Hannibal adds that he has issued the statement "to express credit where it is due, and to express my desire to move beyond the legal action which has commanded a significant amount of both mine and Teddy's time."
Shortly after Hannibal's initial statements to the press and the release of a song by Hannibal purported to be dissing Riley, Riley launched his own $2 million lawsuit charging Hannibal with defamation of character and slander (see "Teddy Riley Sues Ex-Bandmate"). According to Riley, he considers the statement an apology and the issue has now been settled.

BTW, Chauncey's "Shame On You" has been released on LP. Though I dunno if it's a bootleg or original. I think it's an original.

So far I haven't heard any news from Blackstreet. If anyone knows what Chauncey, Terrell, Eric, or any of the ex-members (Mark, Levi, Dave) is up to, drop me a mail.
Teddy has produced a track for *N'Sync (Just Got Paid) and remixed "Bye Bye Bye".
So far there are 2 singles taken from Guy III, "Dancin'" & "Why You Wanna Keep Me From My Baby". Hopefully more to come soon.
And that's it again with the "news".

Well, well, well, a lot happened since I last updated this page.
Many of you may have heard about all those crap rumours on Chauncey beeing gay, having probs with IRS and FBI.
All I can say about that is don't BELIEVE THE HYPE!
After hearing all that nonsense I was pleased to read at something positive on Chauncey. According to their article he'll establish his own Label called C. Black Records. The first album released on C. Black Records will be Chauncey's SOLO album!!
So look out for Chauncey Hanniball solo sometime next year!

The future of Blackstreet doesn't look that bright at present. Chauncey records his solo album and Teddy is busy with Guy (the new album "Guy III" will be released january 2000).
Teddy even said in an interview that he doesn't know yet if he'll be on the next Blackstreet album at all. So all is left to us fans is to wait and see.
Oh, and beeing on the Guy tip, the new single "Dancing" should be out by now.

Today I updated a little. Not much just added a few songs on the TR production page and TR Discography. Still have to scan and add the cover.
More to come soon!

I couldn't find the time to do a lot on this page for weeks. So there are no spectacular updates. I don't think anything will change in the near future.

The BLACKStreet 4 eva screensaver is here!! whoohooo! That's what I call luxury! Just kidding =o)
Anyways, I was messing around with a screensaver programme a little. The result turned out to be quite cool so I thought I should put it on the page. If you want a BLACKstreet screensaver check out the 'interactive' section. I probably move it somewhere else but till then it'll stay there ready to download.

Official statement to BLACKstreet breakup rumours
Lately there have been a lot of rumours saying Chauncey has been asked to leave BLACKstreet because he was said to be bi-sexual. MTV news has an official statement on this.
Here the MTV report:

A spokesperson for Blackstreet's Chauncey Hannibal has denied British press reports that the band has called it quits. However, she has confirmed to MTV News that the group is having label problems.

Stories have circulated that Blackstreet has broken up after being hit hard by poor sales and infighting, and that Hannibal has been asked to leave the group by leader-executive producer Teddy Riley.

Hannibal's lawyer, Louise West, says that her client is "110 percent" with Blackstreet and dismissed the stories as "trash." West also dismissed a music-industry rumor that Riley was angry with Hannibal for taking on a production job and that Hannibal quit when Riley threatened to break up the band.

West told MTV News that like any family, there were times of tensions and tiffs, but she stated that Blackstreet is still very much a unit. "There's been no split, no fight, no firing, and no quitting," said West.

Teddy Riley himself appeared to confirm the breakup stories to "Variety" last week when he told the publication he wouldn't be recording as Blackstreet anymore. But West contends the tension is between the band and its label, Interscope, and not among the bandmembers.

"When you don't have a successful record, there's often tension between the artist and label," West said.

Blackstreet's sophomore album, 1996's "Another Level," sold more than four million copies in the United States, but the group's latest effort, "Finally," has reportedly only sold about 350,000 copies since it was released in April.

The "Variety" interview saw Riley expressing displeasure with Interscope, which distributes Riley's own Lil' Man Records. He told publication that the band wasn't getting enough support from the company, "so it may be our final journey."

"I'd rather just produce,'' he said.

Representatives for Lil' Man Records were unavailable for comment.

Today a Blackstreet biopraphy has been added. Check it out. 1999-08-15

Next Single
The next Blackstreet single will be "Think About You" (which is also available on the Soundtrack for the movie "Wood"). It's still not sure if there will be a comercially released single for the song.

Blackstreet breaking up?
Yahoo! News had an article on Teddy Riley reporting about the problems he and Blackstreet have with Interscope Records. In Teddy's opinion Interscope isn't promoting "Finally" the way they should. Read the complete coverage:

Producer Teddy Riley Confronts Adversity Again
R&B: Producer Teddy Riley Confronts Adversity Again

By Franklin Paul

NEW YORK (Reuters) - In the back of his mind, R&B superproducer Teddy Riley must be thinking, ``Not again.''

Adversity -- at times, tragedy -- has long shadowed the 31-year-old musician, even as he's blazed a career littered with top-selling records.

This time it's another battle with a record label, which he says has failed to support ``Finally'' (Lil' Man/Interscope), the third disc by his four-man soul group BLACKstreet. Released in the spring, the album's sales are less than one-tenth that of its predecessor, 1996's ``Another Level.''

What's more, the future of Lil' Man Records, his 2-year-old joint venture with Interscope, is in doubt.

Weary of what he calls ``political wars'' with the industry machine, Riley is mulling giving up the riggers of performing in a group and falling back on his first love.

``I'd rather just produce,'' he told Reuters by telephone from his Virginia Beach, Va., recording studio.

``This is my last album -- as BLACKstreet. I make more money and more capital producing. I do well doing that, just dealing with different artists and not having to go on the road.''

Doing ``well'' is quite an understatement coming from a man who cut his teeth in the mid-1980s producing breakthrough hits like rapper Doug E. Fresh's ``The Show,'' Bobby Brown's ``My Prerogative,'' and songs from his first group, Guy.

He's also acknowledged as the godfather of New Jack Swing, a pervasive late-1980s soul style that meshed hop-hop's hard beats with R&B's classic melodies. Riley's direction steered a diverse array of artists, from crooner Keith Sweat to popster Boy George.

His stream of 1990s hits include Michael Jackson's ''Remember the Time,'' his a remix of SWV's ``Right Here,'' Hi-Five's ``I Like the Way (The Kissing Game),'' and ``No Diggety,'' BLACKstreet's Grammy-winning tune.


But at each step in his career, the New York native has experienced the kind of personal setback that might have stopped someone else cold.

In 1989, Guy's security chief, Anthony Bee, was shot and killed before a show in Pittsburgh. A year later, Riley's half-brother, Brandon Mitchell, of the rap group Wreckx-'N-Effect, was killed. Soon afterward, the mother and aunt of Guy members Damion and Aaron Hall died.

Then came a protracted, mud-slinging lawsuit against his former partner, Gene Griffin. At the same time, the music publishing firm Zomba Enterprises, which claimed he was improperly collecting money owed Zomba, was suing Riley.

Still, as a producer he thrived, racking up hits like ``Rump Shaker'' by Wreckx-'N-Effect, Heavy D's ``We Got Our Own Thang,'' and Jane Child's ``I Don't Want To Fall In Love.''

His alliance with Interscope allowed him to flex his performance muscles via BLACKstreet, whose eponymous 1994 debut displayed mature production and vocal acumen superior to Guy. Although two original members left the group before ``Another Level,'' the disc sold more than 4 million copies in the United States, fueled by crossover hits like ``Don't Leave.''

But the good times didn't carry over to ``Finally,'' released in April.

Another BLACKstreet member -- Mark Middleton -- quit. Plans for a duet with singer Mary J. Blige fell through. And once the CD hit the streets, sales of about 350,000 copies, according to SoundScan, were disappointing. The blame game began.

``I feel like the label is not giving us their support like the second album,'' he said. ``(They should) take us to that next level like we are their main R&B group. But it doesn't seem like they are, so it may be our final journey.''

An Interscope spokeswoman said the label continues to support the album but is unsure about the possibility of future singles. And she acknowledged that the future of Lil' Man Records is up in the air.

``We are in the process of negotiating a modification to our relationship,'' she said of Lil' Man, whose only other artist to release a record has been rapper Queen Pen.

Perhaps there's one other reason for the uncertain fate of Lil' Man. Riley admits to having little interest in becoming a record label mogul like producing peers Babyface and Sean ''Puffy'' Combs.

``I don't want to do that,'' he stated flatly, ``It hurts you. It may look all good, but it ain't all good.

Of course, his criticism of Interscope isn't the first time an artist has blamed a label for an album's poor performance.

Moreover, Riley -- an industry heavyweight and ``Finally's'' executive producer -- likely had a hand in its artistic direction, the selection of singles and arranging of guest artists (including Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson).


Despite his gloomy outlook on the BLACKstreet project, Riley, as in the past, has found reason to be optimistic. For one, he's recording a new album with Guy, due out in November. ''The Future'' (MCA, 1990), the last album Riley and the Hall brothers recorded together, sold about 1 million copies.

``I know that people are ready for it, and I want to give them what they want,'' Riley insisted. An MCA spokeswoman said the group is currently in the studio recording.

And his production projects continue. He recently subjected Spice Girl Melanie Gulzar (formerly Brown) to a 13-hour recording session. And he hopes to mount a tribute project his idol, Roger Troutman. The electronic funk master and founder of the group Zapp earlier this year was murdered by his brother.

Riley currently is focused on building up his Future Recording Studios, which he calls his ``music factory,'' and, like another famous producer, has an eye on opportunities in other media.

``I feel like I'm going along the lines of a Quincy Jones, to do the movie soundtracks and the scoring, and the sitcoms,'' he said. ``I know that day is going to happened for me, so I'm just building myself for that, getting prepared for it.''

(Franklin Paul writes about R&B for Reuters. He can be reached online at franklin.paul(at) Opinions expressed here are his own.)

Blackstreet 4 Eva has now a little (hopefully), nice and comfi chatroom. I rebuild a little something so the 'guestbook' section is now called "InterActive" there you can go to the chat, sign the guestbook, or post a message on the message board which I'll set up soon (it's just a matter of years..;o)..).
I hope you'll like the new features - let me know.
I'll also update a lil' something on Eric Williams.

Teddy Riley is working with female rapper Charli Baltimore
according to Vibe Online the first single released from her debut album will be a Teddy Riley production. This is what Charli Baltimore said while speaking with Vibe Online.

Charli Baltimore on Working with Teddy Riley
Charli Baltimore on Working with Teddy Riley: Charli Baltimore was also down in Orlando for Vibe Live and Vibe online caught up with her in a very interesting place, her hotel hot tub. She spoke about her first single, the Teddy Riley-produced "Feel It," from her forthcoming debut album, Cold as Ice. "[Teddy] is a perfectionist. So the first time I wrote the song he made me change it, and he made me change it like three more times after that," she said. "He liked certain parts of it, but he made me change it. I think I rewrote the song like four or five times. But I never had to do that before, so I started sort of turning into a perfectionist, like, 'this shit gotta be hot.' He's real meticulous. So after the last time I rewrote it and he finally accepted it. He had it for like three weeks. He sent it back and it was so hot." Look out for our feature on Charli Baltimore, including footage of her in the hot tub,in the coming weeks.

Guy are back!! - sorta
There has been rumours about a Guy reunion for years, as we all know so far it didn't happen. Now it seems that Guy will finally record their 3rd album - though at present it's still a RUMOUR. Fact is that there will be a Guy track on the upcomming Wild Wild West Soundtrack (a movie staring Will Smith). This new Guy song is called "The Best" and I've heard it's PHAT! On the Wild Wild West Soundtrack is also a new song by BLACKstreet entitled "Confused".
The Wild Wild West Soundtrack will hit the stores in June.

Teddy working with Scary Spice?
MTV News reported Mel B. aka Scary Spice is recording a Solo Album. They mentioned Teddy Riley as one of the producers she'll work with. We'll see if that will happen or not.

Dave Hollister's Solo Album released! Ex-BLACKstreet member Dave Hollister finally released his solo album called Ghetto Hymns. After Levi Little, Dave is the second Ex-BLACKstreet member to release a Solo Album.